Dawn Young is a New York based actress whose work in film, television, stage, and voice over spans three decades. Her film work includes principal roles in short and feature films working with directors Sydney Pollack, Aaron Russo and Andrew Bergman in Tootsie, Rude Awakening and Honeymoon in Vegas among many others. Dawn’s TV credits include Law & Order, Saturday Night Live, All my Children and The Catlins as well as HBO specials. Her work in the "Gunshow" episode of L & O was featured in the Emmy Awards reel saluting the work of actors "digging deep" to make it real. Her voice over work in French as well as in English includes a stint as the "voice of god" narration during the International Emmy Awards ceremonies.

In recent years Dawn has moved to the other side of the lens producing, directing, writing short films, music videos, and feature length documentaries including several multi award winning videos: Beneath the Surface: Water Polo, The Isle of Capri: a Song of My Mother, Who I Am and Forget Me Not an Alzheimer's documentary.