Alex Kruz is one of today's busiest international actors. Best known for his role as Jake Red Cloud in the Award winning Native American drama Red Cloud: Deliverance for which he has won over 20 Lead Actor awards. His numerous Film and TV credits include various well-known TV/Film productions in the US, France, Israel, Italy, and Japan.

Criminal Justice (HBO) opposite James Gandolfini, The Good Wife (CBS) opposite Bebe Neuwirth, Chinese Puzzle (France) opposite Audrey Tatou, The Americans (FX) opposite Noah Emmerich, Blue Bloods, and many, many others utilizing his life experience, athleticism, musical abilities and command of languages.

Alex is the American Ambassador for several NIBDA orphanages for blind children in Nepal as well as being formally endorsed by the Somaly Mam Foundation for his work as a volunteer in combatting the sexual slavery and trafficking of children across the world in various ways.